In addition to providing general practice consultations the Doctors at Eureka Medical Clinic provide several specialty services. 


Internal Medicine


Non-surgical conditions of the internal organs- heart, lungs, kidneys, intestinal tract, brain, endocrine and metabolic systems e.g., diabetes thyroid etc…
-Dr. H. Vanterpool, Dr. P. Raj Tangutoori

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Specialist investigation and management of conditions of the stomach and intestines.
-Dr. H. Vanterpool

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Cardiology (non-invasive)


Specialist investigation and management of conditions of the heart.
-Dr. H. Vanterpool

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology


Specialist investigation and management of pregnancy related conditions(obstetrics) and conditions of the female genital tract( gynaecology)
-Dr. Pradeep Ramoutar

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Specialist surgeon for the problems of the kidneys and bladder of both sexes and for problems with the male reproductive organs (prostate, penis, and testicles).
-Dr. Cristy Daniel

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Specialist internist who further specialized in conditions related to the endocrine( hormone) organs-thyroid, pituitary , adrenals, pancreas Diabetes and it’s complications, Metabolic conditions, bone problems, etc.

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Specialist management of conditions of the skin-both skin diseases and cosmetic procedures
-Dr. A. G. Jones

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Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgery


Some of the services commonly provided by Dr. Buring include surgical management of conditions of the bone and joints, as well as of the back (spine).
-Dr. Klas Buring

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General Surgery and Colorectal Surgery


Dr. Goldsmith performs minor surgical procedures within the clinic, but specialist management of conditions requiring surgery, of the body in general and of the abdomen, colon and rectum, in particular. Laparascopic surgery for Gallstones and appendicitis.
-Dr. Fredrick Goldsmith

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Varicose Vein Management


Evaluation and treatment of Varicose veins and spider veins by VNUS closure, Stab phlebectomy and sclerotherapy
Dr. G. Jones and Dr. H. Vanterpool

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ENT Surgery


Specialist surgeon for problems of the Ears, Nose, and Throat also called (otolaryngology)
-Dr. Irving Pascal

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