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Some of the services commonly provided include:


Arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery


Under local or sometimes general anesthetic, and through a tiny incision in the affected joint, a slender video-telescope is inserted directly into the joint. By this means the surgeon is able to directly inspect its insides. Frequently repairs or cleaning of the joint can be performed at this time. Arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery is most commonly used for the knee and shoulder joints, allowing surgical repair or excision of the torn or degenerated meniscus, cartilage, or ligaments. These procedures are usually performed without need for overnight stay in the hospital.

Total Joint Replacement

Artificial Joint Replacement for people whose joints have been destroyed by arthritis is now available in the British Virgin Islands. In a coordinate program between Eureka Medical Clinic and Bougainvillea Clinic, Dr. Darwish has established a very successful program of Total Hip Replacement (THR) and Total Knee Replacement (TKR). Typically after surgery the patient is out of bed and walking the following day, and can usually be discharged within 2-3 days. This joint replacement program has removed the need for persons in the BVI and surrounding islands to travel further afield to Puerto Rico or to the USA, as was previously necessary.


Spinal Surgery

  • Laminectomy (usually lumbar laminectomy) for prolapsed intervertebral discs with nerve root compression (cause of severe persistent leg pain, called sciatica).
  • Spinal canal decompression for spinal canal stenosis (usually lumbar spine).
  • Fixation of the spinal column, for spinal instability.
  • Corrective surgery for scoliosis.
  • Repair/correction of deformities bone/limb or tendons.
  • Removal or biopsy of skeletal related masses/tumors.
  • Facet joint injection for relief of back pain, steroid injections (cortisone type) into joints and tendons for relieving pain and, Synvisk injections to help restore worn cartilage/ lubricate the joint.
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