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Free Varicose Vein Screening

  Do you or someone you know suffer from symptoms of varicose veins….. Like

* Pain and swelling of the legs?
* Discoloration and possible leg ulcers too?

Well… there IS GOOD NEWS!!! In fact, two bits of Good news!!!
First, Varicose can be treated by a simple closure procedure.
Secondly, Eureka Medical Clinic will screen your vein for FREE!!!

When? July 8th&9th and again July 15th&16th.
Where? At Eureka Medical Clinic of course in Tortola
So, if you have symptoms of Varicose veins, get your veins screened for FREE at Eureka Medical Clinic in Tortola. Vein screening is by appointment only. So call Eureka now at 284-494-2346 and speak to Nurse Evelyn or visit our website to request an appointment

Yes, this is Good News!!! Free Vein Screening at Eureka Medical Clinic in Tortola Tel. number 284-494-2346 or visit our website: to request an appointment.

Eureka Medical Clinic, we’ll screen your varicose veins for FREE!!!.

Visiting Doctors-Dr. Christy Daniel

  Visiting Doctors-Dr. Christy Daniel, Urologist, Visiting EMC on July 14-16. Contact EMC for appointment.
Geneva Place, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands - Telephone #: (284) 494-2346
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