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The specialty of Dermatology involves diagnosis and management of conditions of the skin, nails and hair.

Clinical Dermatology

Common skin conditions seen and managed by Dr. Jones include but are not limited to:


Acne: all forms and severities.

Eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Skin blisters, (all forms of blistering skin eruptions).

Psoriasis and other scaling types of dermatitis.

Fungal infections of the skin and nails.

Bacterial and viral skin infections.

Genital warts, genital herpes, genito-urinary infections.

Skin damage from the sun (Sunburns, solar keratosis (precancerous lesions).

Skin cancer-detection and treatment.

Screening and biopsy of suspicious moles, and other lesions, with the aid of a  Dermoscopy.

Diagnosis and treatment of Basal cell cancer, Squamous cell cancer and Malignant  melanomas .

Treatment of DPNs (Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra): These are small dark/black bumps (often called ‘moles’) which can be a few, but are usually numerous, appearing on the face neck and upper body, but may also be found anywhere on the body. They are mostly of cosmetic significance, but are sometimes itchy or irritating. They run in families, occurring more frequently in women than in men (or at least are of greater cosmetic significance in women). The great news is that these DPNs can be removed, usually in one or two treatments, without scarring.

Treatment of keloids, with steroid injections. Surgical removal and repair of ear-lobe keloids.

Hair Loss.


Cosmetic Dermatology


Dr. Jones also does many cosmetic procedures, including:

Chemical peels
Botox injections
Dermal Fillers; Injection of collagen and hyaluronic acid
Some wrinkles are caused by the action of facial muscles, and some by loss of elasticity of the skin. Most of them are a combination of both. The remedy, which millions have chosen for these problems due to its easy and "overnight" results, is the injection of Botox and/or one of the amazing new injectable substances available today. Botox nullifies the overactive muscles, and the fillers replace the lost collagen, whether deep or superficial, thus restoring the skin to its original youthful appearance. The fillers on the market today are designed both for deep and superficial wrinkles, and are very unlikely to induce allergic reactions.
Sclerotherapy for spider and varicose veins

As a member of the Eureka Vein Treatment team, Dr. Jones also performs VNUS Closure procedures and Stab Phlebectomy for the treatment of varicose veins.

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